Personal Training

Customized exercise programs and instruction based on YOUR goals and needs

Our programs are also comprehensive in that we help you work on all facets of fitness including strength, flexibility, cardiovascular efficiency, endurance, and body composition.

All these added together will help you feel and look more fit and can help make you as healthy as you can be!

Safety is of prime concern and ask that you consult your physician before beginning an exercise program with us.  Email to schedule your introduction package today!


Group Training

Fun, safe, and effective, this option is best if the participants of the group (2-4 people) have similar goals.

These workouts are also designed especially for the group.

Some groups may want strength, core, and movement training; some groups may want a mix of strength and cardiovascular, while another group may want to work most on flexibility.

We design and implement the best program for you based on your wants and needs. Email us at to set up a consultation today!